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San Francisco-Sequoia-Bryce-Zion, LA to LAS Vegas


Experience an unforgettable journey to the most awe-inspiring sights in the American West on a 6-day immersive tour with Discover America! Depart from Los Angeles and enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean before exploring several of California’s most beautiful coastal cities, including Solvang, Carmel, and Santa Barbara. Next, Spend a full day exploring iconic landmarks and attractions in San Francisco like the winding roads of Lombard Street and picture-perfect Golden Gate Bridge, perhaps the most recognizable bridge in the world.  

Ready to see the world’s largest trees? Travel with us to General Grant Grove in Sequoia National Park, where you can wander and marvel at the majestic giant sequoias, some of which are well over thousands of years old. All aboard for the Las Vegas strip? Don’t worry, you’ll get to spend a night in Sin City and experience firsthand what the entertainment capital is all about. For our finale, we’ll explore Bryce Canyon and its breathtaking vistas, in addition to the characteristic multicolored hoodoos and Emerald Pools of Zion National Park. Don’t miss out on this remarkable opportunity to discover the beauty of the American West!

Number Of Days

5 days

Depart at

San Francisco

Ends at

Las Vegas

Start day


End day



Day 1 - Mon:

San Francisco

Today, have your cameras ready because we’ll be exploring some of San Francisco’s most iconic attractions. Our tour will start with a visit to Lombard Street, a picturesque boulevard renowned for its steep, winding roads and luxurious gardens. Next, we’ll head over to the Civic Center, a majestic complex of beautifully designed government buildings and public spaces. Afterwards, let’s explore Golden Gate Park, a gorgeous 1,000-acre landscape filled with lush gardens, tranquil lakes, and fascinating museums. Lastly, we’ll wrap the day with a trip to Nob Hill, one of San Francisco’s most historic and well recognizable neighborhoods, where you’ll find the city’s swankiest hotels and affluent mansions. Join us on this one-of-a-kind journey and explore the beauty and rich history of San Francisco! We’ll embark on an exciting tour of San Francisco’s most popular landmarks. Marvel at the Golden Gate Bridge, a prominent symbol of the influential Californian city and one of the most iconic bridges in the world. We’ll also explore the quaint town of Sausalito, followed by trips to a vibrant ChinaTown and delightful Fisherman's Wharf. Each location offers an overwhelmingly unique experience, and we guarantee you’ll be mesmerized every step of the way.

Day 2 - Tue

From San Francisco to Sequoia

By morning, let’s travel through the northern San Joaquin agricultural valley, a lush area renowned for its picturesque farmland, before heading to Sequoia National Park. Let’s head 6,000ft. above sea to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where you’ll experience the jaw-dropping beauty of Sequoia National Park, home to some of the world’s oldest and largest living trees. Wander through the iconic General Grant Grove and gaze up in awe at massive Sequoias well over thousands of years old. At Discover America, we take pride in crafting unparalleled trips that provide our customers with truly extraordinary moments. During our journey back to Fresno, feel free to unwind, reflect, and discuss the incredible memories made on this remarkable adventure.

Day 3 - Wed:

To Calico to Las Vegas

Next stop, Vegas! Today, we’ll traverse across an arid Mojave Desert before landing in Sin City. But first, enjoy a brief stop at the legendary mining town of Calico, where we’ll wander through old silver mines and learn about the settlement’s incredible past. After an exciting day of breathtaking scenery and discovery, feel free to go out for a fun night of entertainment under the bright lights of Las Vegas!

Day 4 - Thu: 

 Bryce Canyon

Today’s route will take us from Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon National Park, and finally to Kanab, where our amazing adventure will culminate. First, we’ll cruise past Glen Canyon Dam to experience an awe-inspiring view of Lake Powell, a sprawling man-made reservoir turned vacation paradise. At Bryce Canyon, we’ll visit two of the park's most stunning sites: Inspiration Point and Sunrise Point. Both offer captivating views of the hoodoos and natural amphitheaters that are must-see characteristics of the park. While there, feel free to also explore the Rim Trail, which winds along the canyon's edge and allows visitors to fully appreciate the magnificence of the region. By day’s end we’ll arrive in Kanab.

Day 5 - Fri:

Zion Park to Las Vegas

The last leg of our incredible tour starts with a soothing drive from Kanab to Zion National Park. Upon arrival, we’ll take in remarkable views of Zion Canyon, pausing to observe the towering peaks of Court of the Patriarchs Viewpoint, distinctly named after biblical figures. Next, enjoy a short hike to Lower Emerald Pool. Along the way, relish in the unique beauty of this remarkable park and embrace the restorative effects of its natural wonders. Afterwards, we'll head back to Las Vegas where our tour will come to an end. We can’t wait for you to join Discover America on this unforgettable tour and explore the captivating beauty of the American Southwest!

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