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From San Francisco to Sequoia to Las Vegas-2 days


Experience two unforgettable days of exploration and discovery with Discover America’s one-of-a-kind tour of the west. Our incredible journey departs from San Francisco and whisks you across the San Joaquin Valley to the sprawling epicenter of the world’s oldest and largest trees, located at Sequoia National Park. You’ll get to trek through General Grant Grove and admire trees large enough for cars to drive through! Afterwards, we’ll travel through the Mojave Desert and stop to explore the old mining town of Calico before culminating our trip under the bright lights of Las Vegas!

Number Of Days

2 days

Depart at

San Francisco

Ends at

Las Vegas

Start day


End day



Day 1 -  Tue:

From San Francisco to Sequoia

By morning, let's travel through the northern San Joaquin agricultural valley, a lush area renowned for its picturesque farmland, before heading to Sequoia National Park. Let's head 6,000ft. above sea to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where you'll experience the jaw-dropping beauty of Sequoia National Park, home to some of the world's oldest and largest living trees. Wander through the iconic General Grant Grove and gaze up in awe at massive Sequoias well over thousands of years old. At Discover America, we take pride in crafting unparalleled trips that provide our customers with truly extraordinary moments. During our journey back to Fresno, feel free to unwind, reflect, and discuss the incredible memories made on this remarkable adventure. 

Day 2 - Wed:

From Fresno to Calico to Las Vegas

Next stop, Vegas! Today, we'll traverse across an arid Mojave Desert before landing in Sin City. But first, enjoy a brief stop at the legendary mining town of Calico, where we'll wander through old silver mines and learn about the settlement's incredible past. After an exciting day of breathtaking scenery and discovery, feel free to go out for a fun night of entertainment under the bright lights of Las Vegas!

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